Decolonial Queer Perspectives from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus

This kitchen talk is dedicated to the presentation of an online issue on a topic of “Decoloniality'' created by Unit, a network for journalists who write on LGBTIQ+ topics. The issue consists of ten diverse stories that offer unique perspectives and approaches from Central Asia, Eastern Europe and South Caucasus. But what does it mean to decolonise something (or someone) from a queer perspective? It means revisiting the past and uncovering traces of queer history within one’s culture that was changed through colonization. It means sitting down and reflecting on one’s own positionality as a colonial subject. It means finding ways of resistance towards neo-colonial and neoliberal politics of today. And for many this way of resistance means to be queer. Please, join us for a fruitful discussion with editors and authors who contributed to the issue.


5:00 PM (CET) - Introduction from Saltanat Shoshanova (Unit)
5:05 PM (CET) - Presentation “The Homophobic Roots of Colonialism” by Zarina Mukanova, a journalist and researcher from Kazakhstan 
5:25 PM (CET) - Short presentations from the editors and discussion  
6:00 PM (CET) - Q&A session and conclusions

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