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Kitchen talk 10 February 2022

Dealing with Trauma: how to interview victims of sexual assault

Starting from February, we are organizing a series of Kitchen talks about reporting trauma and interviewing people who have experienced physical violence and emotional abuse. We will discuss how to encourage the public to pay attention to this issue and help the victims, but at the same time avoid sensational narratives and potential retraumatization of these victims. The first episode will be held on 10 February. The participants will be three journalists sharing their experience of reporting on gender-based violence and interviewing the victims. The photographer Armin Smailovic will present his photo project Sound of Silence, photographic records of survivors of sexual violence in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lydiette Carrión, a journalist from Mexico will discuss reporting on human trafficking and Nina Nazarova as a BBC Russian Service Women Affairs correspondent will talk about her articles on domestic violence. 

Guests: Armin Smailovic (Germany), Lydiette Carrión (Mexico), Nina Nasarova (Russia)

Host: Anastasia Anisimova (Russia)


5.45 PM (CET) - Informal tea time: Join us for a first get to know!
6.00 PM (CET) - Public discussion & streaming
7.00 PM (CET) - Informal networking: Let’s stay together for another chat & drink (open end)

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The idea of kitchen talks

Our ​​online kitchen talks originates from the offline kitchen talks that have become a tradition of our international media conferences that took place every year in a different European country before the pandemic: local journalists invite their international colleagues to their homes to talk over life, politics and similarly important things with a bottle of wine or beer.

In the online version, we basically follow the same scheme. It is a distinct informal setting where one of our members invites us to their kitchen via Zoom and moderates 60 min of public discussion around one topic. This part is also streamed on our Facebook page. Two or three guests from different countries - usually journalists working around the topic - give short inputs and answer questions.

After one hour we end the Facebook stream and the Zoom-participants continue for 30 minutes with an informal but structured networking sessions where memebers of out network have an oportunity to exchange with other persons working around the same topic.

10.02.2022 17:45 through 20:00